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Our core competencies span a wide range of disciplines, including enterprise network infrastructure, cyber and physical security, storage management and architecture, WAN Acceleration and Virtualization / Cloud Computing. FedStore maintains a highly trained sales and technical staff to assist its customers with site surveys, scope considerations, product selection and both pre-sales and post-sales support.

We partner with the foremost manufacturers in these technology areas to ensure that customers are provided with accurate and cost-effective solutions to often complex business problems. We work closely with our partners to make sure that the solutions we propose are viable from the start and that delays due to incompatibilities are minimized. We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions on time and within budget.

We have handled small commodity focused procurements to very large strategic deployments of technology solutions over vast geographic areas and maintain an exceptional record of past performance.

Virtualization / Cloud Computing

Virtualization, in all its forms, including server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and storage virtualization allows customers to maximize system utilization by consolidating multiple environments into a single server, computer, or storage sub-system. Virtualization technologies Increase manageability, security, and flexibility in IT environments and are the essential catalysts for enabling the transition to cloud computing.

FedStore has experience deploying virtualization and cloud computing technologies in the public sector and has focused on building relationships with the industry-leading vendors driving the move to secure, interoperable, and controlled cloud computing infrastructures.

Storage Management & Architecture

FedStore has experience in providing enterprise data storage and management solutions that range from simple file sharing solutions to more complex Storage Attached Network (SAN) deployments and advanced Storage Management technologies. With product offerings in capacity expansion, file-sharing, network attached storage (NAS), direct-attached storage (DAS), disk storage, SAN and SAN management and tape backup solutions, FedStore ensures that its customers deploy storage solutions that deliver the right information to the right place at the right time while:

  • Controlling investments to lower total storage costs
  • Minimizing risks in a dynamic data infrastructure
  • Leveraging networked storage technologies to maintain or deliver higher value services and meet increasing business requirements
  • Remaining compliant and meeting required standards

Cyber/Physical Security

We offer a wide range of both information and physical security products and services to customers - both small and large. These solutions protect data and critical internal assets, and safeguard remote users, customers and partners from malicious attacks.

FedStore maintains key relationships with leading information and physical security manufacturers to provide products and services that address security management, anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention, hacking and electronic theft attempts. Threats are increasing exponentially, and our network security solutions are designed to cost-effectively protect our customer's assets against both internal and external threats.

Enterprise Network Infrastructure

We provide basic and advanced networking products and services that allow our customers to capitalize on technology investments by building proven network infrastructures that can handle traffic loads and ever-increasing user demands with ease. Today's network systems demand more bandwidth, faster connections, higher availability, and serve a geographically dispersed workforce. We guide our customers through the difficult choices to determine the right network solutions to fit their business model.

Our highly trained and certified staff can deliver full end-to-end services ranging from consultation, design, product acquisition, installation and training to post-sales customer care and maintenance. All of our hardware and software solutions are fully supported and verified by the manufacturers we represent.